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Color Mixing Mini-Course

Color Mixing Mini-Course

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Want to learn to mix your own paint colors? Would you like to know which colors go best together in art? These color mixing techniques apply to acrylic paint, oil paint, and other art mediums. NOTE: This is NOT a course on how to mix paint for pouring, it’s a course on how to make colors. In this mini-course, you will learn basics about color mixing including:
  • What are the primary colors and how to use them to make secondary and other colors
  • What the color wheel is, how to use it, and how to make your own color wheel and color chart
  • Color values, temperature, and saturation
  • Transparency and opacity and how to use those in your art
  • Mixing greens (including teal and turquoise)
  • Mixing purples (including deep reds and maroons)
  • Mixing oranges (including peach and earthy oranges)
Once purchased you will have lifetime access to the course and be able to move through the lessons at your own speed and in any order you wish. This course will also come with a glossary and downloadable color mixing info sheets!


For this course, I will be using acrylic paint, but feel free to use any other media such as oil paint or watercolor.Primary Red Acrylic PaintPrimary Blue Acrylic PaintPrimary Yellow Acrylic PaintTitanium White Acrylic PaintMars Black Acrylic PaintPaint Brushes or Palette KnivesCanvases, Canvas Paper, or Watercolor PaperA Palette or Palette PaperOPTIONAL: Color WheelOPTIONAL: Cyan Acrylic PaintOPTIONAL: Magenta Acrylic Paint
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