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Resin Basics Art Course

Resin Basics Art Course

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Have you wanted to try out resin art projects but aren’t sure where to start? Do you have questions such as, “What kind of resin do I use?” or “What do I use to color my resin?” or “What IS resin?” If so, this course is for you! This is a complete beginners’ course in resin that will teach you all of the following:
  • What are the different kinds of resins and which do you use when
  • What you can use to color resin
  • How to accurately measure and mix resin
  • How to make your own silicone molds
  • PPE and resin safety
  • How to properly set up your workspace for resin projects
  • Over 15 different resin art projects, such as resin beach art, galaxy art, pressed flower coasters, glitter tumblers, freeform geode trays, resin jewelry, and more!
  • How to seal acrylic artwork with resin
  • How to complete your projects
  • Troubleshooting and FAQ
This is no small course! Even if you have used resin before, you will likely learn some new things on this course and have a great time with the easy and fun resin projects. There are approximately 3 hours of lessons total. In addition to the fun course lessons you will get:
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Access to a private Facebook group for my paid course students
  • Free downloadable info sheets and bonuses!


Most of this course can be done with the artist resin and the colorants of your choice, though there are some added/recommended materials you may want to acquire. While each lesson will come with a list of materials, here is the complete list of materials used in this course (you DON'T need all of these materials):

Mixed Media Girl Artist Resin


91% Isopropyl alcohol

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